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We offer a whole integration between both tools, ready to use in order to automate and monitorize the document flow from your ERP for a perfect user experience


The add-on Plug & Play exchanges in a secure way your commercial documents and master data between  Tradeshift and SAP.


Automate your working flows, integrate your invoices directly with   FI/MM or SAP VIM by OpenText.


 Oversee everything from the Business Cockpit at a glance.


Built 100% in ABAP below its own naming space, what means
there is no impact over the SAP or SAP's standard objects updates.

Fast set up and secure integration with


SAP Add-on with no complications

Compatible with SAP ECC and S/4HANA, built over SAP ABAP, easy to maintain and amplify. Native integration between API REST and Tradeshift.


Fiscal compliance

You can be completely quiet with electronic invoicing and legal compliance in all the countries, included China and India, knowing you have all the local regulation covered.


Secure & confident

API Integration verified by SSL. Connectivity via proxy or SAP PI. All the connections can be origined by SAP (outcoming).

Why to choose Tradeshift?

One alliance to manage your digital transformation


We are experts in SAP automation and the integration of SAP and B2B networks. Our experience helps your organization to get the best solutions from Tradeshift.


We have a background of successful collaborations with different innovative suppliers already using business and financial information Management software.



Tradeshift® pushes the innovation in the Supply Chain towards a digitally-connected economy.

As a leader in payment of supply chain and markets, Tradeshift® helps clients and suppliers to digitalize all their commercial operations, collaborate in every process and connect to any app of supply chain. 

More than 1,5 millions of companies from 190 countries trust Tradeshift® to process transactions.

In addition to VIM, we can help you make your life easier with other products.

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