Leverage your
Google Cloud Platform
to store SAP documents


Google Cloud Platform
ArchiveLink Connector

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To sum up...

📎 To attach documents in your SAP transactions you have to enable the documents filing in SAP.


💎 You are looking for the most secure, reliable and profitable option.


✔️ The standard SAP option is SAP Content Server.


💸  SAP Content Server needs to be installed on a server, with its corresponding consumption of resources, operative system, storage, maintenance, backups…


📃 You will need one 1 request from SAP Content Server for production, and at least other one for development/quality (2+ servers).



Saving, security, accessibility



SAP & Google Cloud more connected than ever

How does our connector work?


ArchiveLink Connector in 3 steps:

In 3 weeks you can have your connector working.


Install the addon in your SAP ERP or S/4HANA


Create your buckets in Google Cloud Platform


Configure your credentials and repositories in SAP

Why choosing Google Cloud Platform?


Low latency


Geographic redundancy if data store in two or more regions


Storage types for whatever upload: Standard, Nearline…


Lower cost of infrastructure


No worries: forget about maintenance, backups, version upgrades...


Low-cost storage


A successful Study Case

Zamora Company was looking for a way to gather all their documentation in a unique place.


They already used SAP and we showed them how to connect it with Google Cloud Platform through ArchiveLink Connector, getting the most advantage from both tools.


They are using our connector, enabling them to maintain their infrastructure, avoid on-premise software updates, avoid hardware upgrades, storage capacity, etc.

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